Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mud and laughing gas and hippies, oh my!

Yesterday I got back from my very first Glastonbury, and my God am I still recovering. Best five days of 2011 by far - Jarvis Cocker and B.B. King and Morrissey and Laura Marling and BeyoncĂ© all in one place are enough to make me hyperventilate anyway, but there is so much crazy shit going on you could easily spend a week there even with no live music at all. My photos were taken on crappy disposables and mostly while I was not quite in my right mind, but here are a few non-face ones anyway;

extreme caking disaster

Park stage

Healing Fields

raw-ting cattle crowd of festival-goers

me (looking morbidly obese, thanks upward angle) singing my heart out to 'Mis-Shapes' at Pulp

I'm gutted none of my Shangri-La photos came out, and neither did the ones of the amazing druid man I saw playing on the Spirit of '71 stage (he was about 80 years old, with full sparkly purple robes and Rafiki face makeup, with hot girls dressed as fairies prancing around him. It would have been an amazing sight even if I wasn't stoned off my face). Screaming along to by Cee-Lo Green, who appeared to be dressed as a fat black male Lady Gaga, while it absolutely pissed it down, was also a memorable experience. OH THERE ARE TOO MANY. TRANNIES. CRUSTIES. DISCOBALLS. CIRCUS PERFORMERS.

Here are some more, substantially better photos, filched off the BBC/Guardian/NME websites;

Roll on 2013.

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