Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Summer Wasting

Went round to my sister-friend Luna’s yesterday for a boozy goodbye lunch, as she’s spending the summer traipsing round Europe in a rickety van with her dog and boyfriend, selling jewellery at festivals or however it is that hippies make their money (I, meanwhile, am currently trawling the internet for a summer temp/desk/admin job. Not that I’m bitter or anything). I left to buy hummus and olives, but instead fell into the charity shops on the way to Waitrose and came back an hour later with an ensemble that makes me look like Pat Butcher’s drunk little sister visiting Club Tropicana for the first time.
Which I wish was my actual life, because that would be BRILLIANT.

Salmon pink Calvin Klein denim shorts £5.99, tortoiseshell sunglasses £2.99, gold chain £1.99, 80s nightmare St Michael silk blouse £3.99. Getting ready for summer yo.

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