Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dusty postcards and polaroids

I am a massive addict. Rich creatives being photographed in their gracious homes, yesss please. Therefore, I decided earlier today to represent the middle-class South East London massive, by doing my own version. Here it is in all its dusty, cluttered glory;

Skeleton and bow tie, naturally?

Migraine wall

A few of the embarrassing number of bags I own


beloved Harrods bowler hat, absolute steal at £3, from when I used to work in Cancer Research and have my pick of all the stock. Dayumm
These are full of old wedding dresses and fur coats

Matryoshka, 1960s toy cars, Dolly Darlings, Dutch gin
1998 CD player will probably follow me until the day I die

Nicked out of a skip 5 years ago, now scarf and belt storage

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