Sunday, December 18, 2011

i lied about being the outdoor type

I am so excited to be going home to London tomorrow! Still have all of my packing to do, plus some fairly severe logistical issues regarding how I'm going to manage to transport a rather substantially-sized piece of taxidermy on a packed train of drunks/Scots, but I'm sure that'll all just work itself out in the morning. Super excited for Chesterfield armchair pub hot toddies and mulled wine, yessssss.

Although when I think about that too much I feel a bit queasy because I'm a loser and literally always hungover. Here are some lovely clean lovely naturey Ryan McGinley pictures, because they'll maybe clean my soul, or yours if you suck as hard as I and stay up with your flatmate drinking gin/stolen red wine/sambucca/beer/whisky cocktails until 7am for no reason whatsoever.

Deffo the classiest way to perve on nude youngsters. Just sayin'.


  1. i always love to read your posts, the way you write them is just perfect.
    good luck with your taxidermy adventure tomorrow, i hope all goes swimmingly darling
    thanks for sharing those pictures, very soul cleansing!!

  2. ahh thanks lady! :) and thanks for the good luck, i think i'm going to need it!xx