Friday, December 9, 2011

junk shop cowboy

So I am probably the least studious student ever (5 day weekend yo??). But I had a comparatively useful day today; set up an ISA and finished my Christmas shopping - which makes me feel really mature because it's like, 80% expensive food? Though spending actual money on stuff like panettone still feels alien to someone who lives almost exclusively on toast soup and wine, not gonna lie.

But yeah, so I went a-wandering all day. I cannot divulge what other yuletide goods I procured, as my vast internet fanbase and the people I buy Christmas presents for are essentially one and the same. BUT I did happen to find THE best shop in Aberdeen;

It's called McKay's, and that photo does not do justice to its size, weirdness or potential stock avalanche dangers, but it's the only one I managed to take. But yeah, it's this gigantic "camping/military shop", though I think that simply "camping and military" is not good enough to describe its full magnificent kaleidoscopic cornucopia of items. Having been in a fair few military surplus stores, I can say most of them do not sell 1800s-style African safari hats, Soviet Union trapper hats, gigantic Hawaiian shirts, Robin Hood-esque luminous purple lace up grandad jumpers, inexplicably cheap Doc Martens, and wellies that reach below the ankle (...WHAT is the point?). The few visible bits of wall are covered in battered 1970s-looking mens leisurewear adverts. After fascinatedly skulking around for hours, I finally caved and bought what the owner described as a "teabag t-shirt, for fashion not warmth" (how could I resist that);

would have modelled it, but unfortunately it still smells a tad like damp tent
 It's basically a string vest, but a t-shirt version, and more the texture of a teabag? Saucyyyy. Also bought new flats (which are no fun whatsoever compared to mr. teabag);

not like any hot beverage. BUT 20 quid down from 50, hollerrrr

Of course if I wear either of these hole-ridden items I'll end up with hypothermia, but still.

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