Monday, December 12, 2011

nothing like demolishing a tupperware of leftover turkey in bed at 4am

So last night I had the first of many Christmas dinners which will be occuring in the next 2 weeks, yusss. Am still mildly hungover, shoving hula hoops and jaffa cakes into my mouth as fast as humanly possible and watching endless amount of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia even though I should in fact be writing about the patriarchy and shit for a Taming of the Shrew essay, which is due this week. Eeeurghhh.

Also, last night I made the tiniest fortune-teller ever out of a rizla, because I'm a genius. BEHOLD;

being held hilariously in my buddy Greg's man hands
Mad skills.


  1. sounds most enjoyable, that fortune-teller is a great size, takes me back to primary, why didn't I make them that big??

  2. ahh those fortune teller things definitely take me back to like 4th grade :)