Thursday, December 1, 2011

people are strange, when you're a stranger

So last night I watched The Lost Boys all the way through (after a few failed drunken-night-in attempts recently, all ending in chain-smoking, casino-visiting inability to concentrate. Because I suck), and tonight I'm going to a friend's for a Twin Peaks marathon. All this 80s/90s lurid pastel Americana suburban weirdness makes me super-happy. Especially seeing as the weather in Aberdeen is currently at Macbethian (sure, it's a word) levels of fog and mist and freeze, and general Scottishness. I want to run away and join a vampire biker gang in California! I like hawaiian shirts and taxidermy. At least it'd be warm.

The Lost Boys, The Craft, unknown, Edward Scissorhands, Dash Snow, Larry Clark, Gregory Crewdson, Blue Velvet, more Lost Boys

If only I had more stonewashed denim and black leather, and a deserted town in which to loiter.


  1. I have scrolled and will continue to scroll through your blog as it's rather wonderful, I like your thoughts. xx

  2. thank you! i love yours too, been doing quite a lot of scrolling myself! :) x