Wednesday, December 28, 2011

smoke & mirrors

I am really slowing down on the daytime drinking and massively overeating festivity front. Also, have to go shopping today for a new work skirt in the teeming sales, EEEURGH.

But last night I went out for a few drinks with the boy and my uni buddy Timmy, and we ended up at the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown. It was one of the bizarrest, most rabbit-hole-y bar experiences I've ever had - its on Gerrard Street, a street with all the numbers so ridiculously intertwined that no. 13 took an age to eventually track down in the 30s, a plain scruffy unmarked purplish door wedged between chinese restaurants. After being appraised by the doorman we were let in, where we entered some kind of time warped Shanghai opium den/speakeasy.

i made James take this (fairly boss-eyed and awkward) photo of me drinking my cocktail ("La Medicacion"), even though he was cringing at the massive uncoolness of getting out a camera

All the cocktails had ingredients like Himalayan purple salt and Mezcal and Pernod absinthe. Timmy got drunk off about a sip of hers, and James said his tasted "like libraries". All the staff had class moustaches, and there was an amazing jazz girl group doing covers upstairs. There were gold-leaf & silk wall hangings and mirrored ceilings and a piano built into the bar!

teapots and flamingos in the ladies

Okay, enough obsessing over decor. Basically, go there if you're ever in the area, cuz it's cool. 

Also, now I really have the urge to float around in jewel-coloured silk 1940s dresses with an elaborate updo and a cigarette holder, drinking singapore slings and stabbing people in the back. Yeah thanks film noir.


  1. I totally get you on the drinking singapore slings and stabbing people part.. Haha! Cool blog, by the way! :)

    Kisses! xxx

  2. i adore that wall paper with the swans

  3. sweetie you look adorable!!and your blog is amazing,
    many kisses from,

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment! :) You look so pretty in the first picture! .. and the caption made me laugh! Somehow I can totally picture the situation..haha!
    happy new year!


  5. cute pictures dear. i love the second to the last one :)

  6. What are Singapore slings? I guess I could have Googled that. But, hi, I am reading your posts and they are very interesting, thank you for learning me in. ;) Happy New Year darling.

  7. aw thanks guyssss. happy new year! :)

    @hillary, it's a gin cocktail they drink in old films right before the woman wearing jewels screws over the man in the trench coat ;)