Sunday, December 4, 2011

sweetie darling!

So I know I'm late to the game (durrr I just started a blog and it's 2011) but these women are like INTENSELY BRILLZ. I hope when I'm their age, I am awash with surrealist brooches and bejewelled turbans and orange false eyelashes. To be fair, I am drawn towards the crazy rich old lady look somewhat already (me and my granny bond over our mutual loves of shit like animal claw brooches and jazzy-buttoned cardis whenever I see her, whereas I can never really be bothered to talk about clothes with my gorgeous, brainwashed, Hollister-fiend of a sister).

When I go home for Christmas I cannot wait to dig out the printed blouses and costume jewellery. A salute to these ladies!

Also, on a similar note, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE AB FAB CHRISTMAS SPECIAL YO. Me and BFF will undoubtedly take that night off work/other social obligations to dress up and get squiffy together and generally practise for the future.

That last one might be us this year for Hallowe'en.
When I was a teenager the notion of ageing used to genuinely freak me out and make me panic that I was a failure because I hadn't written Frankenstein or That Face yet. (I MAY have spent my 20th birthday making my friends listen to Teenage Kicks, Teenage Dirtbag and Teenage Dream on repeat while I lamented that I could no longer ever conceivably imagine myself the heroine of a song by the Shangri-las or the very-young Beatles. This is not an exaggeration). Now, however, I say bring it. I can't wait to be rich and well-read and bedazzled with costume jewellery.


  1. ahh those older woman look AMAZING! I would love to dress like them when I'm older too. They totally pull it off. No questions asked :)

  2. Haha definitely! All about the jazzy prints and Warhol glasses!