Wednesday, December 21, 2011

you scumbag, you maggot

my oddball family's oddball attempt at festive cheer

Okay, I'm usually NOT a Christmas lover whatsoever. BUT I AM SO OVEREXCITED RIGHT NOW! Having my first couple of hours alone since coming home, and am spending it getting totes jacked up on Christmas songs for weirdos before going to see my amazing friends Jon and Lo play an open-mic later (their cover of This Old Heart Of Mine is ACE) and drinking lots of hot cider.

Also this is my new fave xmas song evarrrr.

"Jonny's in the kitchen cooking mistletoe, He says he's making a mistletoe pie, And I'm making a fuss, cause mistletoe's poisonous, What the hell, I don't care, they can die!"



  1. i love the quirky awkward christmas pictures!

  2. Heeyy!

    Yes my watch is Casio and yes hooray for tacky gold :D People often ask me if I'm serious about that watch, then I say I wear it with lots of self-irony ;)

    Btw these vintage Christmas pics are lovely!