Sunday, January 29, 2012

you've reached the winter of our discontent

fairly unsure as to why I bought this?

My exams finished on Friday, and I celebrated by going charity shopping and also spending farrr too much money in the Topshop sale. I would do an outfit post but I'm super hungover and no-one needs my face in their life, so instead I'm going to watch Reality Bites and think about how much I wish I was 1990s Winona Ryder.

we should totes be BFF and listen to Tom Waits together!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

oh latin america


raddest kids ever

scorpion in the shower? natch
These are some of the snaps I took during my journey round South/Central America with the BFF in 2010. They're making me super emotional and nostalgic (though that might be the freezing weather and current exams too? For god's sake Scotland, where are the jungles and cocktails and amazing views and beautiful tanned people??). Mos def saving up my pennies to go back one day.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

dilly boys

OH MY DAYSSSSS HAVE YOU SEEN JONATHAN SAUNDERS' NEW MENSWEAR COLLECTION FOR A/W 2012. It's like if you gave a supernaturally brilliant child prodigy a load of vintage wallpaper samples and LSD and told them to use it all neatly to make exquisite suits. Like what even. No words.

Plus it's inspired by the work of Charlotte Perriand, who was, to put it frankly, a bad-ass bitch.

like dylan in the movies

I have exams at the moment so obviously have been spending more time than ever uselessly procrastinating on the internet (in between the Twin Peaks marathons and bizarre nights involving inadvisable mixes of creme de menthe and fortune-telling which seem to make up my social life).
Anyway, in steady avoidance of Shakespeare, Freud, Hogarth and the gang, I ran across an ace new tumblr, hand job time machine ( Perving on pretty & awesome people?? From better-dressed eras??? Errr yes;

Charlie Chaplin!!

Tony Strilko

Silvana Mangano

Michelle Phillips

Alec Baldwin

Paul Newman

Christopher Walken

Hunter S. Thompson

Julie Newmar

Carl Sagan
Laurence Fishburne

Dustin Hoffman

Kate Bush
Al Pacino

Paul Simonon


Like, freals. I am working so hard not to write any crude or filthy captions on those photos. (Also that last one is my fave I think, Humphrey why were you born like 90 years before I was? How cruel fate is.) The above are from the website, here are some I would add;

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Marlon Brando

Anna Karina
Elvis Presley

Goldie Hawn

Who is your favourite old-timey object of lust?