Thursday, January 5, 2012


no YOU hate having your picture taken! Also, feel free to enjoy the 'secret' mess, clearly visible in the mirror, which i didn't notice earlier, hahaaa
close-up of claw brooch. boyfriend is obviously fully disgusted by it but IIIII DON'T CARE.

The last couple of days have been full of cocktails and mulled wine and expensive ice skating and theatre-going. HOW AM I GOING TO READJUST TO BEING A STUDENT?? Genuinely scared to check my bank balance right now. Also the horrible January rain has already had its wicked way with my brogues, sob (as you can see in the above photos. Allow my face, I was a jug of sangria and a massive box of curried Bockwurst down).

need De La Renta and Rodarte old lady blouses mmmmm

Also, the tweedy-floral-love I'm having at the moment makes me really want to rewatch The Edge of Love. Such good welly-wearing! Fuck ya, festival chic.

all true poets know how to work the sweater vest


  1. Love your crazy looking brooch..
    cute dress

  2. love the blazer and shirt underneath! gotta love the details

  3. sweetie this floral dress looks perfect!!i love all these pics!
    thanks so much for your lovely comments and for being so supportive!!
    kisses from,

  4. i'm addicted to that film! and it always makes me want to wear wellies all year long with flowery dresses!

  5. love your dress...this floral pattern is amazing...

    thank you for your lovely comment dear...your blog is following you...hope you keep in touch too!!!

    a kiss from the

  6. 1. the edge of love is my fall/ winter fashion inspiration every year
    2. the little necklaces you are wearing look so cool! are those sparkles in a tiny glass vial that I spy?

  7. Great post!!!Adore your shoes...:)Loved the movie..<3Following u immediately:)
    follow me back?:P



  8. Great photos. Love the outfit. :)
    Like i said, i'm following back. :)

  9. i see a little sienna miller.. a little bit of alexa chung in this outfit? cute :)