Monday, January 2, 2012

wotcher 2012!

So I may have spent NYE hungover and working on a boat, washing 12,000 glasses and serving champagne to the drunken middle aged. BUT I did get to watch the midnight fireworks off the London Eye from 200ft away while smooching my equally queasy-headed beloved, standing on the back of a paddle steamer. So life's not all that bad.

Hope y'all had a great night! I'm actually making resolutions this year. They are;
Start going running on the beach in the mornings at uni (it could totally happen!)
Watch ALL the classic westerns
Stop chewing my fingers when bored/nervous/waiting/thinking (generally considered an unpleasant habit)
Keep writing this goshdarn blog
Get my shit/finances together and finally get that tattoo I've been wanting for years that literally no-one else thinks is a good idea
Do not leave the house in pyjamas, even to buy milk or emergency irn bru (I AM AN ADULT)

So maybe one of those will happen. Eh, if it's blog/westerns I'll be happy.



  1. Good luck sunshine, happy new year :) xxx

  2. thanks darlin', you too! xxx

  3. Happy New Year! Loved your list, especially the one about being an adult!

    Carmen Ri.

  4. Wow. very nice photo !! :)