Tuesday, February 28, 2012

acrylic afternoons

Today was a Pulp kind of day. Luxuriating in boredom. Drinking too much tea and getting panicky about my youth escaping.

Richard Billingham, Ray's A Laugh, 1994

freaking the fuck out to Jarvis & co at Glastonbury '11
So what do y'all listen to when you're feeling super obnoxious and existentially-stricken?

Friday, February 24, 2012

you got more rabbit than Sainsbury's

I've been on even more of a charity shop rampage than usual recently. In the past week I have acquired;

The cut-offs, fat-auntie-esque floral t-shirt, white crop top and witchy black monstrosity were a pound each, yesss. I'm pretty excited about cracking out the little orange leather knapsack in the summer too, even if it is pickpocket-tastic and the stupid Olympics will be around to ruin my life.

Also, I think it might be sad just quite how excited I am that Chas & Dave are playing Bestival this year. Even though I saw them live a few years ago. And also I am not Del Boy. Irrelevant.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's not just me, i tell you it's the both of us

Urgh i've forgotten how to write wordssss, i've been procrastinating about doing a post (which is in itself a procrastination for the essay I haven't started yet for Friday, nnnngggghh) and i'm hungover as hell and BFF has been visiting me so I've been busy amusing her. We spent a very pleasurable few days frolicking on the beach (no shit) and making pancakes and dancing to motown and drinking cocktails.

Aberdeen is perpetually this dark
loving the self-timer function, clearly
So yeah that was fun. But now my whole face/brain/head area is some kind of disaster zone.

Here are some photos of Kyle Maclachlan's beautiful face;

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

can a hat aspire to higher things?

So I may have already mentioned the ridiculous hat. But I've never quite managed to make it into a street style section before (I KNOW RIGHT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WITH ALL MY NATURAL UNDERSTATEDLY CHIC GOOD TASTE??). Though ACTUALLY to be fair I once had my photo taken on the Champs Elysees by French Elle because they thought my bag was Hermes (most classy thing that has genuinely ever happened to me, obv). Suffice to say the photo did not make it in once I opened my Thames Estuary-accented mouth and stupidly admitted it was £15 from a charity shop. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER FRENCH ELLE.

But anyway yeah, so I've been having the mickey taken out of me all day by my hilariously charming friends after someone tagged me in it on facebook. BFF introduced me to this guy;

Because I'm clearly a misunderstood genius. Pearls before swine, I tell you.


Monday, February 13, 2012

i've got a thing about trains

in the immortal words of the Man in Black. which is lucky, seeing as it takes around 15 hours sitting on them in order to get from Aberz to Sheffield and back. By this point I should really be a pro, and while i DO love caffeinated drinks and staring out of windows, i also hate other people, with their skin particles and personal odours. So there's that. But on the whole, they are a great place to stare at open and desolate seascapes! Which are fab! So hurrah.

i've become an annoying phone-picture-taker. thanks blogging.

Also, you get to buy glossy magazines with pretty pictures inside to stuff in your brain while you sit still inside a metal tube as it hurtles through space and time. Because what the hell else are you going to do.

super prepared. yes that iPod is from 1972

Oh Comely is pretty cool, and not as overbearingly quirky and cupcakes-and-bunting-and-teadresses-obsessed as i thought it would be (though not a patch on last time, when I got my hands on Baku - tagline: 'Arts. Culture. Azerbaijan.') (also, may have got confused into buying Vogue by Lana del Rey's weirdawesome face, sigh. Their writing competition for 2012 is up and running, is anyone thinking of entering? I always mean to and then always accidentally-on-purpose miss the deadline).

Plus I had a fun week in Sheffield, despite the boy being a limpy mess and hopped off his nut on tramadol after his operation. In fact maybe because of, just for the amusement of him doing stuff like waking me up at 5am to ask if I'd fed the sharks. Tee hee. Not to mention obviously the REAL reason for my going to Yorkshire, which was always to pick up some more Henderson's Relish.

we got a thing going on.

So. ANYWAY. Anyone else a fan of cross-country rail? What do you read/listen to on the train/plane/automobile? Do you ever like to spend a week in bed amusing yourself with prescription pain relief, Toblerone, wine and Lethal Weapon movies? Are you entering the British Vogue writing competition 2012??

Monday, February 6, 2012


I should be packing right now, going down to Sheffield to see the boy tomorrow to keep him company while he recovers from a knee operation (stupid Rugby League. Why do boys enjoy hitting each other in the mud so much?), but I just want to quickly say thanks to Connie L. and Alannah, who both gave me awards recently. They both have wikkidawesome blogs, and it's definitely a good way to find other people you might enjoy reading too.

So the rules for this one are;
1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers

7 things about myself:
1. I am from Lewisham, South-East London but study in North-East Scotland
2. I finally finished watching Twin Peaks a couple of days ago, and still can't stop geeking out over how great it is
3. I am saving up to go travelling in South America again when I finish university (though I'll be like 25 when I'm done, Peter Pan syndrome hollahhhhh)
4. The aforementioned boy, James, has recently begun designing Windows phone apps. He's pretty good! (though I never get to be his date to any of the cool, open-bar, meeting-Alex-James-type media events he goes to because I live in the North Pole. NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR ANYTHING OBVIOUSLY)
5. My top 3 films are probably Withnail & I, Casablanca and Blade Runner
6. I really really love ugly clothes, the more offensively-patterned/oversized/bejewelled the better
7. I know all the words to 99 Problems by Jay-Z. When I start thinking I am a rapper it is always time to stop drinking and go home.

and the 15 blogs I want to direct your attention to are;

They're all pretty cool, go checkittttt!

Friday, February 3, 2012

the lion's roar

I am feeling SO EXCITABLE TODAY. It's been one of those arctic-temperatured but SUPER-sunny winter days, which I love. I've spent it learning about Renaissance architecture and writing letters and listening to First Aid Kit, and yesterday I bought the stupidest hat in the universe and then got drunk and played boardgames. ALWAYS A CAUSE FOR JOY.

Einstein-Hair-Metal, Cracked-Out-Dr-Zhivago, Tina-Turner-Muppet-Show-tastic??
in actuality, we got distracted and failed at the boardgames shortly after this
ALSO, I just realised that it's basically the same as this Karl Donoghue "Shearling Cossack Hat";

Except that instead of being £140, it was £4.99 from the vintage section of Barnardos. SO HAPPY TODAY.