Tuesday, February 28, 2012

acrylic afternoons

Today was a Pulp kind of day. Luxuriating in boredom. Drinking too much tea and getting panicky about my youth escaping.

Richard Billingham, Ray's A Laugh, 1994

freaking the fuck out to Jarvis & co at Glastonbury '11
So what do y'all listen to when you're feeling super obnoxious and existentially-stricken?


  1. These pictures are awesome!

    When I feel like my entire world is about to crumble down and die... there's only one song I can listen to. Greatest masterpiece ever created.


    1. hahahahaa i'll need to remember that one! i love that the poster took the time to write out all the lyrics ;)

    2. Oh my gosh I KNOW those LYRICS... some are even questionable but omg that song. You can't not smile even a tad!

  2. I like these photos so much I decided to follow! Oh gosh, I probably would have to say show tunes.

  3. Rick Ross aka Ricky Rosay. Pretending I'm a fat rapper puts me in good spirits, I'm hoping to come back as rapper in my next life...fingers crossed!