Wednesday, February 15, 2012

can a hat aspire to higher things?

So I may have already mentioned the ridiculous hat. But I've never quite managed to make it into a street style section before (I KNOW RIGHT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WITH ALL MY NATURAL UNDERSTATEDLY CHIC GOOD TASTE??). Though ACTUALLY to be fair I once had my photo taken on the Champs Elysees by French Elle because they thought my bag was Hermes (most classy thing that has genuinely ever happened to me, obv). Suffice to say the photo did not make it in once I opened my Thames Estuary-accented mouth and stupidly admitted it was £15 from a charity shop. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER FRENCH ELLE.

But anyway yeah, so I've been having the mickey taken out of me all day by my hilariously charming friends after someone tagged me in it on facebook. BFF introduced me to this guy;

Because I'm clearly a misunderstood genius. Pearls before swine, I tell you.



  1. Haha, your hat is awesome! I have only been photographed for streetstyle once at the Warped Tour, thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  2. All genius is misunderstood at first. Think of Van Gogh, he had to cut off an ear and die before he got the recognition he deserved. And I really think your fuzzy hat will be his Starry Night.

    I wish I had featured this in my fur post. Chanel bear suits eat your heart out. You also look 20 times better than the rest of Style on Campus. Just throwing it out there, do what you will with it.

    Ok. Decision made. I'll bring the sleeping pills and heavy machinery and you bring the booze.

  3. Laughed so many times-- but how freaking cool is it that you got stopped by French ELLE? Only in MY dreams would that happen to me. Also, that picture of Gary Spivey-- hilarious.

    Also, at first I thought the song you posted was some freaky rewound song that had some sort of subliminal meaning and all of a sudden I was frightened and felt a chill as I listened to it in the dark.

  4. wooohooooo you got featured in the Gaudie, hats off! That hat is something else, looks good on you! I purchased a fur hat from the charity shop was a bargain but not quite as impressive as yours.

    x x

  5. Haha, nice post! Pretty cool you got featured in the paper too :D

  6. As the wonderful Marilyn Monroe said, "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” I am right?

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  8. hey, don't listen to them! the hat is so cool and quirky! love it! it's good to be at least a little bit different...right!? who want's to be boring and same as everybody else!?

  9. hi,
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  10. thank you for your comment. have a lovely sunny day :)

  11. Hahahaha, this is great. That hat is just marvellous, and French Elle approaching you is fun, how stupid of them! But then it must've been a really great find, that bag I mean.

  12. hi!i like your blog! we may follow each other it u want! i'll be very happy!) thank u)

  13. Haha, such a cool hat! Well done for getting street styled!

    Pip x

  14. I just spoke with Gary Spivey and he predicts you will acheive great success in the world of fashion.
    Gary is never wrong.
    X David, NYC

  15. lol you are fucking hilarious. You work da fro gurlllll <3

  16. i LOVE the hat! would never have been brave enough to buy it but you are rocking that tina turner look friend!

    campus style as well, check U out... xx fc

  17. the bottom hat is AMAZINGGG i love it :) soo cute xx

  18. I'm just doing some stalking right back at you.

    This is frigging ace.

    I want to stroke your hat.