Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's not just me, i tell you it's the both of us

Urgh i've forgotten how to write wordssss, i've been procrastinating about doing a post (which is in itself a procrastination for the essay I haven't started yet for Friday, nnnngggghh) and i'm hungover as hell and BFF has been visiting me so I've been busy amusing her. We spent a very pleasurable few days frolicking on the beach (no shit) and making pancakes and dancing to motown and drinking cocktails.

Aberdeen is perpetually this dark
loving the self-timer function, clearly
So yeah that was fun. But now my whole face/brain/head area is some kind of disaster zone.

Here are some photos of Kyle Maclachlan's beautiful face;


  1. Ugh, that sounds so dreamy, listening to Motown and making pancakes! I could picture it in my head, sounds like so much fun!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. This post makes me miss my best friend and stick gum.