Monday, February 13, 2012

i've got a thing about trains

in the immortal words of the Man in Black. which is lucky, seeing as it takes around 15 hours sitting on them in order to get from Aberz to Sheffield and back. By this point I should really be a pro, and while i DO love caffeinated drinks and staring out of windows, i also hate other people, with their skin particles and personal odours. So there's that. But on the whole, they are a great place to stare at open and desolate seascapes! Which are fab! So hurrah.

i've become an annoying phone-picture-taker. thanks blogging.

Also, you get to buy glossy magazines with pretty pictures inside to stuff in your brain while you sit still inside a metal tube as it hurtles through space and time. Because what the hell else are you going to do.

super prepared. yes that iPod is from 1972

Oh Comely is pretty cool, and not as overbearingly quirky and cupcakes-and-bunting-and-teadresses-obsessed as i thought it would be (though not a patch on last time, when I got my hands on Baku - tagline: 'Arts. Culture. Azerbaijan.') (also, may have got confused into buying Vogue by Lana del Rey's weirdawesome face, sigh. Their writing competition for 2012 is up and running, is anyone thinking of entering? I always mean to and then always accidentally-on-purpose miss the deadline).

Plus I had a fun week in Sheffield, despite the boy being a limpy mess and hopped off his nut on tramadol after his operation. In fact maybe because of, just for the amusement of him doing stuff like waking me up at 5am to ask if I'd fed the sharks. Tee hee. Not to mention obviously the REAL reason for my going to Yorkshire, which was always to pick up some more Henderson's Relish.

we got a thing going on.

So. ANYWAY. Anyone else a fan of cross-country rail? What do you read/listen to on the train/plane/automobile? Do you ever like to spend a week in bed amusing yourself with prescription pain relief, Toblerone, wine and Lethal Weapon movies? Are you entering the British Vogue writing competition 2012??


  1. amazing the way you see things!!

    a kiss from the

  2. Taking prescription pain killers is one of my favourite hobbies. Codeine dreams are da best. A hipster should definitely make that into a tumblr. And dude.. how I hate those crafty, cutesy, vommy magazines about how to throw the world's best flower picking contest where nobody wins because everyone's a winner and we all sit down and have cake and tea and talk about how the world is such a good place THE WORLD IS NOT A GOOD PLACE GUYS. BITCHES BE DYING. Anyway, enough of that. My other favourite hobby is drinking with people I've met on the internet SO SCORE FOR US. Sometimes I like to mix my hobbies together so I'll bring the Endone and you bring the drinks and we'll do exactly what the directions on the packet tell us not to do: operate heavy machinery.


  3. You are so witty! 15 hours is a long time to keep yourself occupied. I'm not a fan of long distance car travel since I have trouble sitting still. Train travel is even less of an option since there aren't stations anywhere near where I live. So that narrows it down. Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. First of all, I love the way you spell odour, sounds like a cologne, in the states it is spelled odor which actually sounds like a stink. Not sure what limpy mess after his operation means but I do like Henderson's Relish, there is an English import shop in the West Village where I buy HP sauce, tea, blah, blah, blah.
    I think I am becoming addicted to you.
    X David, NYC

  5. I love travelling with train, listening to whatever comes from radio (if it works on railroad) or my phone.. I used to read books,too.

    Spending a week in bed with those things sounds almost tempting! Hope you're feeling ok. :) Happy Valentine's Day,

    Indie by Heart

  6. Really beautiful photos!

  7. a blurry photo of a girl kissing a bottle. very amusing haha, I enjoyed that a lot.
    xo, anna

  8. :O great post/loverly photos! I really like listening to music on trains which i also incidentally wrote a song about..
    Sara :')x

  9. i love train journeys, lived for a while in aberdeen, and from sheffield (have hendersons relish, will travel) so stumbled across your blog and it struck a chord!