Friday, February 3, 2012

the lion's roar

I am feeling SO EXCITABLE TODAY. It's been one of those arctic-temperatured but SUPER-sunny winter days, which I love. I've spent it learning about Renaissance architecture and writing letters and listening to First Aid Kit, and yesterday I bought the stupidest hat in the universe and then got drunk and played boardgames. ALWAYS A CAUSE FOR JOY.

Einstein-Hair-Metal, Cracked-Out-Dr-Zhivago, Tina-Turner-Muppet-Show-tastic??
in actuality, we got distracted and failed at the boardgames shortly after this
ALSO, I just realised that it's basically the same as this Karl Donoghue "Shearling Cossack Hat";
Except that instead of being £140, it was £4.99 from the vintage section of Barnardos. SO HAPPY TODAY.


  1. Wow a great post!
    I really like the photo!)

  2. Surprising and great.

  3. Holy cow! I was reading this an freaked because I'm listening to First Aid Kit right now. Heavy Storm. Rockin' that ugly hat. XD

  4. That's a great hat :> Cute post!

    Thanks so much for your comment,
    do stop by anytime again /
    start following each other. ^^

    Have a great weekend,

    - Indie by Heart

  5. thanks!
    i'd say it's paris, but i don't know.

    great post :)


  6. That's a crazy hat! At least you got it on sale!

    I also came by cause I have the Kreativ blogger award to pass on and I thought I'd pass it on to you cause you're one of the newest blogs I found that I enjoy!


  7. Your hat makes my hungover as sin day a little less hungover as sin and a little more nauseously content. Still. Kinda wanna vom. Your hat has nothing to do with this.

    Also I could go to the UK seeing as you assholes keep stealing from us. Nick Cave. AmIright? Going to London and Paris mid year but because I'm too lazy to learn any kind of French it'll probably be a lonely trip. If you're in the area YOU SHOULD PROBS LET ME KNOW HEY god I want to die right now I can't believe I have to work fml. Yeah I said fml. This is happening.

  8. cute!!!