Sunday, April 22, 2012

adventure wednesdays

So, the million dollar (or, you know, maybe like £3.20) question. What do you do to fill the endless, yawning days of your ever-waning youth if you happen to be an easily-bored, jobless slacker with only 6 hours of university per week? Go on impromptu trips to weird little nearby Scottish towns is ofc the answer. Most adventure days we end up by the sea (durrrr), but this time flailed off to Inverurie to get lost, dance around the stone circle and drink cider in old man pubs.

I also bought a dress - I am as-yet unsure whether it is fun in a Reality Bites-era-Janeane, Beetlejuice-era-Geena type way, or just a sad and irrefutable example of how I spend way too much time on the stupid internet and think in my reptilian brain that anything kitschily 90s is automatically cool;

I feel I may have just discovered the answer to that one. But DAMMIT if I'm not excited to cut a metre off the length and wear it anyway.


  1. This looks like you had such fun! Jealous!

    Lea x

  2. That dress. looks. fantastic! And drinking cider in old man pubs sounds like the best!

  3. Yes this looks refreshingly fun! What a beautiful sky. Also, I think that dress will look nice after you cut some off, haha. Pair it with a cool jacket and some knee highs (or whatever) and you're set. Enjoy your lazy/exploration days!

  4. perfect dress!

  5. Your adventure looks and sounds fun! Also that dress is wellll cute!

    Laila x

  6. i love sponatenous trips! i actually decided to go to newquay and left within an hour one time! just once though, need to do that more often... damn my work, holding me back.

    we need some bit of adventure in our lives do we eh


  7. Orrrr you could go SUPER 90s with it and wear it with a denim jacket, black boots, and dark lipstick!

  8. Dancing around stone circles and drinking in old man pubs sounds like the perfect way to spend time if you ask me! I too only had six hours of uni and spent my time doing similar things at the opposite end of the country. I shall not comment on the dress as I know absolutely nothing about fashion etc but your t-shirt from your impromptu jaunt looks pretty cool! :)