Sunday, April 15, 2012

mauve gloves & madmen, clutter & vine

So I'm back in Scotland now, resting up in bed with a tragic case of the sniffles, watching everything on BBC iPlayer and 4od (Whyyy Made in Chelsea and 90210, why do I always fall back on you even though I hate you and all you stand for). But before I left London I had one last Lewisham charity shop jaunt with BFF where I bought the BEST piece of artwork £2 has ever achieved;

To hang above my mantelpiece when I finally turn into the Log Lady, obviously

Also paid a trip to the amazing little scrappy record shop at the end of the road, which is like falling into a book by Nick Hornby.

BFF sampling the merchandise

and got some extremely brilliant, kitsch-as-fuck 70s paperbacks which I am going to devour when my exams are over and I can read trashy, non-essential literature.

If only I'd brought them with me to get through while I feel sorry for myself popping antibiotics, drinking litres of tea and eating whole Lindt chocolate bunnies in bed.


  1. i enjoy pretty much everything about this post, the record shop and the books are my favourite bits though, i hope you're good :) xx

  2. Nice blog doll.

  3. I'm so looking forward to reading books I don't have to! Lovely post.

  4. Love the green sweater! ♥

    Cheers from Peru.

  5. i'm sorry you weren't feeling too well ;( but at least you get to catch up on reading and also to watch all those guilty pleasure series from the 90's! 90210 haha i love it xx

  6. LOOK AT ALL THOSE VHS neeeeeed to geeeeze.

    I'm sorry I just said that.

    In response to your comment:
    BAAHAHAAH. Woman. You're my blogosphere life partner. That was hilarious. I'll get cracking on the blog posts, I have this cycle of guilt surrounding them: I feel bad for blogging because I'm not doing uni work then I feel bad for not blogging because I feel like I'm denying my destiny as a blogger IT'S SO HARD MAN. Tell Hamish I work with a Bison that may have a bit of a gay lovin' crush thang going on. We should hook that up. Cyber style.


  7. You have such a quirky blog which is so refreshingly different, instant new follower!
    And I have to agree with you that THONGOR OF LEMURIA (warrior broadsword and wizard's sorcery combine to win an empire) sounds pretty damn epic hahah


  8. I was on the same page last week! I hope you get better soon. Anyway, that owl picture is so delightful :)