Monday, April 2, 2012

monkey gone to heaven

Continuing my Easter adventures with Lo, we visited the Horniman Museum to go and chat to all the starfish and dead butterflies and eat museum cake. It was the best.

inside sunglasses knobhead

uncanny heron

Call me a weirdo, but I do love taxidermy. I think I'd genuinely be fine with being stuffed and used as a hat rack after I die. Also, don't you think the displays and fonts they've used are quite Wes Anderson-ish?


  1. oh. shit. i need to visit this place. thank you! xx

  2. That museum looks awesome- and I have to say that museum cake is always the best! Cute outfit too, majorly loving the jelly sandals! xx

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  4. Love the walrus! :p
    cool blazer too

    ps: Thanks for you very sweet comment!

  5. Your outfit is so cool, you look amazing!

    Pip x

  6. Cheeky Wes Anderson reference, I love it! I love museums, spent ages last summer dragging my boyfriend around the Natural History in an attempt to show him London. He wasn't impressed. Not sure why!

  7. Painted Lady - such a cool name!

  8. Sweet outfit :) I love the walrus!

    Have a nice Tuesday :) I'm your new follower!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  9. OH MY GOD the otter is so cute! I am also a huge fan of taxidermy, I'd totally be down to have a big stuffed lion. Or any other ferocious beast. Its the perfect mix of creepy and awesome, right?


  10. I love the Horniman museum (but the name always makes me chuckle...childish?! Moi?) Cute dress too :)


  11. Amazing blog! I'm your new follower and hope you follow me too. ;)

  12. Love it. I'm glad you enjoy that museum cake!

  13. thanks for your comment:) I really like your blog! xx

  14. Seeing all those animals would freak me out haha <3

  15. Your dress is super cute! I love the movie "Life Aquatic" -- it's so weird. Haha.
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  16. Ya, you're right they are kind of Wes Andersonish. Taxidermy doesn't bother me much, I just wish they wouldn't make their eyes so effin' beady.

  17. That looks so much like the Natural History Museum in New York, only smaller and without the elephants in the middle. What a lovely day out <3

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  18. 1. If I ever have a bet bee I am 100% calling it Bombus. Brilliant.
    2. Totally agree on the Wes front, think he should consider a movie about taxidermy, right up his alley. Because I know him well enough to say that. I do man, don't give me that look.
    3. It feels good to be back. I'm such a bad blog friend.. I'M SORRY JESS! I'M SO, SO SORRY!
    4. Come June/July when I visit Aberdeen I am either making you give me a tour or stalking you down and giving myself a tour by following you. Are you creeped out yet?


  19. ahaha im so glad im not the only one who enjoys a bit of casual taxidermy. THere is a taxidermy museum near where I live and I strangely enjoy it.

    and thanks for the comment on my blog, i am enjoying yours. :) i swear you find such amazing stuff from charity shops, I need to hit them in my town tooo :))
    rebecca x