Monday, April 30, 2012

toe-tag time in teenville

Here are some photos I took when I went to Candy Belle vintage fair at the Caledonian Thistle Hotel on Saturday. If they look wonky and queasy, that is because 2pm the day after Friday night is not sha-boy, regardant time of day. But neither me nor my equally woozy companion spewed, so, I'm counting that one as a win. 

dreadful photo taken on my quite-literally-held-together-with-gaffer-tape camera, of the rad blouse (PAT BUTCHER FOREVER) and vaguely pointless bag i managed to obtain in my hazy state
Also, giant confession. I've been gymming. Ewww. AND, it turns out that it's in fact much more satisfying to spend your Sundays sweating in a room full of vain beautiful men with abs like Jesus than it is to spend it lying in bed watching Daria and eating onion rings. WHO KNEW?


  1. A little gutted I'm just after stumbling upon your blog after this vintage event! I'm always despairing about the lack of any good vintage shopping in and around Aberdeen!! Grrrr. Anyway, I can enjoy it vicariously through your pics :) And congrats on not spewing... it would have been a shame with so many pretty things around you :)

  2. thanks a lot for the comment!

    I love the photos, the blouse in the last one and the parrot tote are amazing! xx

  3. I adore your blog - such great images and style!

    I'm one of your new followers!


  4. Cute photos!
    Hannah x