Monday, May 14, 2012

rainy day women

One thing I really enjoy about blogging is that it is kind of like a glorified version of the classic procrastination technique of facebook-stalking (WHY YES it is exam period, how did you know?), but with strangers. And I am nosy and love lurking on other people's lives. Part of this involves some pretty hardcore weather jealousy - seriously, how are there so many Californian and Australian fashion bloggers? Standing looking foxy in their shorts/sandals/tea dresses in the sunshine when I'm in bed, shivering in three hoodies?? ONLY JOKING I love envy-stalking you guys. But seriously though, the global aspect of this whole thing really does highlight some glaring meteorological unfairness in life.

For an example, here is a photo of something I wore recently;

coat - Zara
dress - Topshop via charity shop (totally wrong size but IT WAS £1 OKAY)
shirt & cardigan - charity shop
pumps - Fred Perry

Why yes, I am soggy as shit. If you look closely at my probably mascara-panda eyes you can see for yourself, a deep and palpable yearning for Ipanema beach. WOLF HOWL OF LONGING.

BUT they were taken in this super-cute little hidden village on the beach of Aberdeen, called Footdee, while I was adventuring with the Boy. And then we had tea and cake and watched London gangster films when we got in. And I generally do quite enjoy cold weather! So life isn't all that bad I suppose. Still, ROLL ON THE SUMMERTIME.


  1. Cool pics, footdee is such a bonnie wee place. I agree, the weather in Aberdeen STINKS. There's only so much rain and wind I can take (and the new library apparently can't take much either) x

  2. I think these photos are lovely. And you too! ^^
    But I admit, I wanna go to the beach too... <3

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Indie by heart

  3. Ha, I totally agree- blogging is so creepy sometimes! It's funny how we lock our profiles and delete photos, yet we have photos, info, and contact information right out on the open in our blogs.


  4. bahaha.
    but actually i long for miserable weather because the heat makes me angry. am a sweater. want to wear a sweater.

  5. I laughed out loud, really. Your face in that picture, no words. Too much. Summer will come soon enough. But seriously, those Cali bitches have it all, they have the perfect weather on the west coast. Jealous and truth. Grass is always greener, eh?

  6. what a lovely little village!


  7. I'm in love with your coat & that village! x hivenn

  8. That village really is adorable! That's one thing we don't have over here. Though rainy and wet, I love all your layers. We just got a bit of sunshine where I live, so I completely know what you mean about meteorological unfairness:)

  9. ha blogging has definitely replaced facebook for me too! really lovely pictures. x

  10. I am so noisy too! Can you imagine the lives of top bloggers? *sigh*
    One day!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  11. this is so cute, love the village and your outfit..and the post with pics from scotland a m a z i n g..

  12. what a magical place! this must have been an adventurous day indeed! i will definitely be reposting on my tumblr :) glad to meet you.