Sunday, June 17, 2012

pies & crushes

Been working a lot the past few days (sick and wrong I know, but I need mad skrilla for cocktails and vintage markets and mermaid parades in New York in FOUR DAYSSS, ahh yeahhh). Yesterday I was working the bar at the Thames boat party for Green Man festival, which I'd never heard of but actually looks really good; has anyone been? Anyway, there was lots of bunting and balloons and fancy dress and strange musical instruments everywhere and pretty men with moustaches littering the place. Not a bad shift. And on Thurs me and the boy went to The Craft Beer Co. for 11% beers and pork pies, which was AMAZING. Recommend it.

this makes me feel as close to patriotic as I ever get

Also I have decided who I want to be when I grow up (so what if she is only 2 years older than I am. SHUT UP) and it's Julia Sarr-Jamois.

Dear LORD. I am in love.


  1. Julia Sarr Jamois is my queeeeeeeen!!!! Ugh she is so perfect in every way!

  2. waa so cool pics! i didnt know her! xx

  3. her hair <33 sorry you missed the jazz party, but you should look up time out ny magazine. they have a bunch of events listed so you could make the most of your visit!

  4. I didn't knew who she was til this moment but I totally get why you want to be her (when you grow up, of course).. she looks amazing.

    And I love the pictures.

  5. We want to be Julia too!! Love her hair!!!!!!
    Thanks for visit our blog ;)

  6. So stylish this girl, love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo