Monday, August 13, 2012

emails from my sister

"was just talking to dad about your recent error while wasted (nice tattoo scumbag) and dad told me he hopes i look after you when we're old so i told him the life plan i have for when we are decrepit...
when we are like 80, we're going to live in a shabby motel apartment with an array of exotic pets wearing fur-coats we make out of the ones that die, and smoking shisha pipes and while you drink cocktails and whiskey i'll do paintings in a kind of julie heffernan/vladimir kush style and take photos like dora kallmus/man ray while you also write books about clothes and general insane things.
sounds like quite a plan to me, oh and i decided that if you want you can keep james like in a cupboard or something but he's not allowed to disturb my painting or upset the animals, deal?"



  1. Your sister sounds fun! Nice post :)

  2. This sounds exactly like the conversations my sister and I have. Love it.

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  4. hahah sounds so great! I love your blog so much
    much love!

  5. hahaha!! great read. man ray is amazing and i could only imagine what a perfect life that would be. i really hope this is truly a letter you gave your sister as it was nothing but a genius plan x

  6. Very cool! Awesome posts, and blog! Come by soon and let's follow each other! Stay in touch ;) xx

  7. Grey Gardens! Have you seen the Drew Barrymore version? It's not too bad....nothing beats the original though