Monday, August 27, 2012

trimm trabb like all the flash boys have

I've never been much of a trainers person (except maybe in 1997 when they lit up when you walked, where are you nowww light-up footwear), but this new A.P.C x Nike collab is making me cry, drool and jizz all at once.

SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN CLEAN. I don't know whether it's because of all the running around and standing for 12 hours my bum job entails (or because my current battered-to-shit Vans look like they probably belong to an overly boisterous 8 year old child who falls over a lot), but I would kill for a pair of these bad boys.


  1. oooh these are rather pretty <3 I definitely had some of those light up trainers circa 1996! xx

  2. I had some sonic the hedgehog trainers which were pretty rad...
    I say do it. they're cool plus you know you're gonna wear them loads, they're an "investment piece" - although I should warn you I am the worst person to ask about purchasing advice, my response is always 'buy it'. I could find reasons to buy anything. X

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  4. Do it, get them theyre awesome!

  5. ive got similar ones in black, they're so so so comfy do it!! then again mine only cost £30