Thursday, September 27, 2012

pink flamingos

BFF, who is currently in Amsterdam on her year abroad and having a great time eating pancakes and cycling round town pissed on gin, sent me the BEST present everrr in the post on Tuesday;

A Jip & Janneke watch! AMAZING. My mum grew up in Holland, and she used to read me these stories when I was little, and I love them in the same creepy weirdo nostalgic way I love the Moomins. i.e. A LOT. Thanks gurrrrl.

Also yesterday I hit up the Topshop sale to buy these bad boys;

The earrings are HUMONGOUS and have gems for eyes. They make me want to dress up as Divine for Halloween and get my John Waters creep on.

(...Has anyone else started thinking about Halloween, or is it just me?)


  1. gorgeous gifts! what a great friend! i've been thinking about halloween too. but i have no idea what i want to be yet!

  2. si nice things! very cool watch, xx

  3. Eating pancakes & pissed on gin sounds like best time in the world. Gin pancakes?!

    Lovely purchases, especially the dress. Very romantic looking.

    le fresne x

  4. FLAMINGOSSSSS! You know I spent half my life in Miami, right?! I LOVE flamingos! Oh, and I'm going to be Rick James for Halloween, wig is coming in the mail :)