Monday, October 29, 2012

splashh interview

pretending I'm in a band/being shoegaze-y as fuck
So the other week I was lucky enough to interview Sasha and Toto from Splashh, who played an excellent show at The Tunnels with Swim Deep and Spector. They also happen to make the kind of dreamy summery tunes that distract fairly well from this wash-out misery weather. Here it is!

Firstly, how did you meet? You live in London, right?
Toto: yeah, but I’m Australian originally, and Sasha’s from New Zealand. We met in London two years ago and then ended up hanging out back home in Australia for Christmas, had a crazy party at mine on New Year’s and he started talking about coming back to London. In February he did, and we started writing songs!

When did the other guys join?
Sasha: we booked a show for March, and still didn’t have a band together the week beforehand! Beale [bass] was around anyway and we flew Jacob [drums] over from home – he had to quit his job and his other band, and then 2 days later he was playing with us at our first show. It’s been a bit of a wild ride to be honest.

Would you say that where you’re from influences your sound?
T: Yeah I guess so; especially coming off the back of a summer holiday, we were just in that kind of mindset. Still just vibing out, thinking about the beach! [laughs] But the writing is getting a little bit heavier – we’ll have to cut London out and go back to Australia for a couple of weeks to get the sunny vibes back. I just want to live a constant summer, doing all the festivals!

So what are you doing later this year?
S: we’re doing this tour with Swim Deep and Spector, and a few regional tour dates, then we’re playing our first proper headline show in London on the 3rd December at the 100 Club. And between all this stuff we’re writing and recording our album – Our single, Vacation, comes out on 5th November, and the album should be out early next year sometime.

Have you met any cool famous people yet?
S: we met Bobby Gillespie. And also, Marky Ramone. Oh and Jacob and I met Katy Perry as well, she was at a house party after a show we’d played. Toto didn’t make it though.
T: I missed out, man.

So do you have any obsessive fans? That always seems like fun. Signed any cleavage?
T: No, not really! We have quite a young crowd, we had to sign a skateboard the other day, but that’s as far as it’s gone. Apparently there was someone waiting for us outside earlier tonight, but I didn’t see them. No crazy stalkers just yet. Maybe one day there will be Splashhmania, with all our fans running down the street!

What are your lyrics mostly preoccupied with?
T: It’s usually about girls!
S: yeah or memories, quite personal stuff. We’re getting better at the lyrics, trying to not just write a whole album full of songs about girls! For us it’s all about the overall feeling you get from a song. People can take whatever they want from the lyrics, but some words just sound really nice and paint a good mental picture, you know?

What has been your best gig so far?
T: our first headline show, at Birthdays in Dalston, was crazy. It just seemed to work; it was the hottest day of the year, and there was a really good vibe. It was our single launch, Austin over there [from Swim Deep] was crowd-surfing – it was just really hectic and fun.
S: playing with Primal Scream and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth was amazing too, because we love both those bands. In fact I think I’m wearing a Sonic Youth t-shirt right now! It was a Ray Ban anniversary event at Islington Assembly Hall, in collaboration with Dazed & Confused magazine. That was pretty cool. There was loads of champagne, and we got some free sunglasses! But everywhere we play seems awesome at the moment, because it’s all new to us.

And what are your favourite bands at the moment?
T: Swim Deep, man! [cheers from Swim Deep across the room]. Temples are pretty cool, and obviously Tame Impala – their new album is out of control.
S: at the moment we’ve been listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, Deerhunter, Pixies, and we love a bit of dance music as well – LCD Soundsystem have a great new documentary out at the moment that we just watched called Shut Up And Play The Hits, which was so good. We also love Joey Bada$$, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre are rad.

What are your favourites of your own songs?
T: I like ‘All I Wanna Do’, I think it’s pretty much one of our top tunes. ‘Lost Your Cool’ is good to play live. And the new ones we’ve written, we’re really excited about – I keep coming home drunk and listening to them, which is always fun.

So have you started getting stuff for free yet? Except Ray Bans, obviously.
S: its slowly starting to happen – but you have to be careful, otherwise you end up wearing free clothes for the sake of it. If it’s Levi’s or something I’d wear anyway, that’s cool. But we’d like some luxury brands to come forward! We wouldn’t mind being sponsored by Comme des Garçons.

So I saw that you’re featured in the current issue of Vogue as well, how did that come about?
S: yeah, we got the call like a day or two before! We were called in for 9am and didn’t get shot until 5 or 6pm. So we were just sitting there rinsing the open bar tab. I suppose it was a good experience; it’s a step up from Vice magazine isn’t it?
T: yeah, and the photo was good; my mum really likes it! Definitely one for the parents. It was a feature on ‘Young London’ – it was all actresses, models, and rich people’s daughters who were still in school. Then there was us, sitting there eating all their food and drinking all their alcohol! [laughter] Yeah, i’d love to do it again!

I’m sure you will, boys.