Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Frida Forever

Yesterday I took some time off from my busy schedule of napping, eating and pretending to read in order to pop to my second-favourite Aberdeen charity shop. It's amazing, they have a 50% sale ALL THE TIME, like DFS but with old curtains and Hawaiian shirts. Anyway, I got a cashmere-wool-and-tartan-and-fur coat for £7.50 (which my buddy Diana has named 'Swagrid', cheerz gurl), and  vintage Jaeger jacket for £4. (And a plastic leopard print bag and a Beryl The Peril badge, because I'm a Gen-Y woman-child.)

I also received  a late birthday present from the boy, in the form of THESE BAD BOYS;

So despite being a bit of a no-good slob I'm pretty much set for life at this point.


  1. I think I just died of happiness seeing your socks omg I love Ms Kahlo! And my goodness that coat is beautiful!

    XOXO Sade

  2. I like the coat and the jacket and your socks are simply amazing, I would like to know where your fantastic boyfriend bought them!Happy Birthday even if it's late!

  3. Hai! In regards to your comment - ditto! It's outrageous that I haven't stumbled upon your blog before.
    I just went on a massive stalk-fest (apologies) and WOW, kind of in awe. You have bloody genius style - my jaw literally dropped when I saw them Kahlo socks. Your boyfriend deserves a medal for picking such a great gift! Mega jealous.
    High five for accidentally giving up smoking! Unfortunately, my attempt failed after three days. I found a shop that sells packs of 20 for £3 which obvs blew any impetus I had to give up right out of the water. Blergghh :(

  4. That sounds like THE most amazing charity shop in the world ever. Plus kudos to the boy, maybe Frida socks are the sign of the one? Or a combination of Frida socks & fuck off bracelets. Definetely.

  5. jealous of your bargainous coat and those socks are a treat - the boy done good! X

  6. I did a bit of googling and found the socks right here . I've already pinned them to my wishlist, but I'll probably suck it up and buy them myself because they are just too rad.

    My sister likes your coat. She's 13.

    I just stumbled upon your blog not too long ago, wanted to say I'm enjoying it.

    Sanctified youth

  7. I need those socks NOW! Serious case of awesome going on there

  8. Cool Frida-socks ! ^^ And love your jacket too.

    Indie by heart

  9. the charity shop finds are marvelous, and as just about everyone has mentioned, as are the frida socks <3

    // xx

  10. i love the socks!! i am a massive frida fan haha, i always try to relate my art assignments to kahlo. they are awesome
    taylah x

  11. great purchases! really love the coat, and your blog seems really nice! I'll be reading more...