Sunday, December 9, 2012

cattle and cane

Sometimes I really wish that instead of living in a rickety flat with 3 drunk boys (who shed pizza boxes and beer cans like old skin cells), wearing cigarette-burned clothes that old men probably died in and living on crisps, I could be a proper snazzy blogger fashion girl who can walk in heels and pull off sequins and wears hats on the reg. Maybe then I'd have a better chance of being invited to stuff like Chanel's absolutely batshit mental Métiers d'Art 2013 show, WHICH I CANNOT GET OVER AND NOR DO I WANT TO. Set in a misty ruined Scottish castle. Featuring sporrans and feathers ago-go and that actually-kind-of-horrible Coco suit weave that seems to be reserved exclusively for terrifying rich old bitches and my girl Patsy, ramped up to 11 and Lady Macbethed to shit. ALL THE GOOD STUFF, ALL THE TIME.

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You kind of have to respect a man who finds it necessary to create a Tudor-inspired couture bridal gown in 2012. I feel like Karl Lagerfeld is the Marie Antoinette of our time.