Thursday, January 17, 2013

sturm und drang

this is the highest the sun ever gets

So all the pretty snow has melted into howling gale and torrential rain and mist, which although nice and Gothic and literary-ish for my exam tomorrow (WHICH I AM NOT READY FOR AT ALL HENCE THIS PROCRASTINATORY POST, ayooooo), also means that I have been going Jack-a-dull-boy insane while wrapped up doing hibervision in bed.

And also dreaming of freedom/thinking about how much I love Li Wei.

I WANT TO FLOAT AWAY ON A CLOUD OF BALLOONS! Pref to Argentina or maybe Venezuela. Gracias.


  1. love all the inspiration!

  2. Or Costa Rica... These photographs are so rad. I have never heard of this artist before, I'll have to look him up.

  3. Those photos are so surreal, love them !
    I totally feel you. We got little bit of sun after a really long time, but the temperature dropped to -20, now it seems to be -29 (°C)

    (And did you know that Sturm und Drang is a Finnish rock band ;)

    Indie by heart

  4. hope the exam went well and all the procrastination payed off - those photos are awesome. I reckon travel by red smoke would also be pretty cool. It's been super snowy in london this weekend but bbc weather reckons it's heading your way... x

  5. Such amazing photos. Hope you did well in your exam. So hard to believe it's so cold in the UK.. Aus is so hot at the moment x