Wednesday, January 9, 2013

you got to be somebody, ain't ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown

On Monday the boy and I continued the age-old tradition of scummy Londoners lurking down to Brighton to beat the shit out of each other on the beach drink lots of cocktails and play the arcades.

First we visited the Booth Museum, which is an eerie Victorian taxidermy haven. This was fantastic seeing as I'm fairly sure I was a butterfly-stabbing, deer-shooting creepy Victorian bachelor in a past life. James mused that if it was his museum, he'd be watching with a close eye to make sure I didn't steal anything. That sentiment is about correct.

For example, THIS GUY;

would look mighty 'andsome on my desk when I eventually start revising all the American Gothic I need to get through in the next week.

Also you can never have too many bones knocking about the place.

We had a few night time strolls, drawn to the bright lights and confectionery buildings like the fat moths we are;

and had a great time strolling on the beach and chucking pebbles at each other.

We also found a brill paper and advertising shop with all kinds of vintage smut, including the captivatingly repulsive 'sexy baby' pin-up above, which I was incredibly tempted to buy (but just about managed to refrain). Though I DID obtain a slutty tropical Errol Flynn, posing here on a wooden table with some mulled cider and a vintage Brighton postcard.

(In case you ever wondered why my blog has such a stupid name, it is because I am a simple soul and really do always just want to blimmin' go to the beach. That and also the magnificent lachrymosity of mi amor Iggy Pop.)


  1. omg... so strange but interesting!

  2. oh my god omg I love everything about this post!
    I'm already following you but haven't been on here in ages. love it.

  3. Aww man, in that case I am going to rename my blog "I want to go the creepy museum and smutty advert shop". This looks like fun! xx

  4. Taxidermy, skeletons and iggy Pop: some of my favourite things in one post!!
    Happy new year!!!

  5. Yes to brighton - the museum looks cool, my flat is clearly lacking in bones. Yes to the creepy vintagey prints and postcards - it's a known fact that postcards are the best mediums for weird shit. Makes me wish I took some pics (or bought) some of the crazy ones I saw at a flea market in brooklyn. Yes to iggy pop x

  6. amazing pics!
    thanks for your comment

  7. I've always wanted to visit a Taxidermy place like that - It might be creepy, but that's just part of the fun!

    You sound like you have a very nice life. :)

    I need to add more plans like yours to my pocket book. My days have been so boring l a t e l y xx