Monday, June 10, 2013

creatures from the blue lagoon

Last week some pals and I slithered off down the coast to Stonehaven, to walk along beautiful, dangerously skinny and eroded cliff pathways to visit Dunnottar Castle and to eat fish and chips and ice cream and drink delicious blonde ale on the beach. The castle was used to film parts of the 90s Mel Gibson Hamlet, but in the sparkling sunshine there's a way more sexy-mermaids-from-Peter-Pan vibe, no?


  1. Are you sure you meant Stonehaven? This looks more like HEAVEN. Mostly because of that icecream and the large seagull population. You have made me more determined than ever to abandon my career responsibilities in favour of grabbing a tent and living by the sea for a month.
    Betti xx

  2. ah i do love a good castle ruin and of course a rather-close-to-the-edge cliff path. Looks like a grand day out. I neeeeeeed to get out london. and that icecream x
    p.s that fun fair I went to was only for the weekend but i think i read somewhere that it'll be in dulwich park near the end of june...

  3. Lovely images. Hehe that dessert looks just amazing :D

    Indie by heart

  4. These pictures are amazing! Love the look of the ice cream to aha!x

  5. That ice-cream looks amazing! Also these pictures are so lovely, bet it was the perfect day to go for a wander. Those cliffs look like the perfect place to just sit and chill out x

  6. great photos! i'd loooove to visit there sometime. even that icecream looks so delicious haha.