Wednesday, June 5, 2013

it's only mystery and i like it

Wow, I didn't realise how long it's been since I last wrote anything here. My life has been a whirlwind of revision, library and exams, and then excessive amounts of wine and sunburn and dancing (to celebrate finishing aforementioned exams).

Here are some pictures my sister took when I was home in London over Easter, dressed as your cool alcoholic spinster aunt who used to be a folk groupie.

skirt - Waterlooplein market
leotard - American Apparel
brogues - Russell & Bromley
cut off t-shirt - charity shop
cardigan - charity shop

Also, this is totally off-topic aesthetics-wise but I just watched Subway last night and it is SO GOOD. Love electro 80s tunes, chase scenes and brooding peroxide hotties. Christophe Lambert is a total dreambabe.


  1. This outfit is very very cute. Love those shoes! and iIve never even heard of this movie..I'll have to watch it sometime!

  2. I love your skirt!

    Emma x

  3. I love paisley, your skirt is so pretty! I've never seen that film, always been on my list of ones to watch though xxx

  4. ha and there was I thinking that the only film christopher lambert ever made was 'highlander'! He looks waaaay better as a blonde. cute brogues btw and congrats on the end of all the exam nonsense! x

  5. How have I never seen that film! Blonde Highlander! Haha xx

  6. Oh I love your skirt. Paisley is such a pretty print x