Monday, July 29, 2013

pet sounds

So I'm off on a road trip to Somerset with my sister and boyfriend and sister's boyfriend to see our Granny today. Like Little Red Riding Hood, except with more bickering and also in a Nissan Micra (GETTING MY TAPE CASSETTES READY, Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac and Talking Heads all the wayyyy).

But last Thursday me and BFF went to a free gig with Sofar Sounds in Queen's Park, which was ace. It was their first all-electro one, and you can BYOB, and it was just generally marv. Lots of doomy ominous sampling and spoken word poems and general dreaminess. I highly recommend it.

Then we bopped off to Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown for a cheeky speakeasy cocktail, which were insanely expensive (obviously). Mine was called Stockholm Syndrome, somewhat aptly.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I've been so tragic at productivity the past few weeks, been meaning to write something but somehow only ever ending up sunbathing in the garden with the cat or chillin at the lido?

Nevermind ay.