Saturday, August 24, 2013

no one belongs here more than you

I ventured out into the rain today to buy wine and sausages, and 
ended up with some charity shop gems which I'm pretty pleased with.

Managed to snag an Olympus AF-1 Twin, a leather Firenze bag, two trashymazing costume rings, and Miranda July's No one belongs here more than you; but I'm the most excited about the two old copies of Nova (one from 1973, one from 2000). The 2000 one has a gorgeously pervy Kate Moss-Juergen Teller spread along with pieces on Dave Eggers and Mexican girl gangs, while the 1973 one is highly concerned with male pin ups. (So like, if anyone wants to borrow some be-mulleted, bell-bottomed soft porn, I am yr grl).

Don't you always find the problem with beautiful magazines is that part of you wants to keep them in mint condition, and the other 80% wants to rip out every page and plaster them everywhere? Like for real, these Kate Moss pages would look amazing stuck all over my grimy 1970s avocado uni bathroom.

ALSO everything altogether came to like £6.75! Never say I don't have skills which are applicable to real life.

Friday, August 16, 2013

back to the glen where the roses twine

Had such a good countryside frolic in Somerset last month, we hit up every tourist site from Glastonbury to Wookey Hole to Weston-super-Mare. It was a bit like Sightseers, but with less murder? (But, you know, equal amounts of sandwiches and woolly jumpers).
The best part was an AMAZING book shop in Bristol, where every single book was £2 each. TWO POUNDS. I only had 5 minutes in there but managed to pick up these two coffee table books. Have now decided my aim in life is to watch the world go by sitting in my street in my pyjamas, like an old dude in Shanghai.